Linux solutions

NRC Systems provides experienced and professional IT support for Linux related solutions. We provide support and consultancy on Linux in the server and desktop roles.

Linux can be implemented in businesses of any size, and can reduce operating costs, improve efficiency of business processes.

Linux servers are a very flexible way of providing computer services to any sized network. A Linux server can grow with your business and will not be the bottleneck that leaves your IT solution struggling.

Some of the Linux solutions we have deployed are;

  • Complete Windows server replacement, providing functional replacement for file serving, printing, and Active Directory services
  • Microsoft Exchange server replacements.
  • Complete high integrity advanced spam filtering
  • Network firewall and services role, monitoring and controlling network and Internet access in any sized company.


Although NRC Systems is happy to support any Linux distribution, we recommend the following distributions for new or replacement installations. We have chosen these distributions because we have experience with them and they have proven to be an effective solution in the business environment

Ubuntu Linux is a community developed Linux distribution that is perfect for workstations and servers. Ubuntu has developed the perfect balance of latest software combined with stability.

Ubuntu offers both up-to-date desktop and server versions as well as long life support versions. Ubuntu features full commercial support from Canonical Ltd.

SuSE Linux is a Linux distribution from Novell. It offers the power of Linux combined with the support and infrastructure from Novell. SuSE Linux is also offers vertical support on IBM hardware.

Debian Linux is a free stable operating system. We recommend Debian when bullet-proof services are required on the server level.

Debian's advantage comes from its long development cycle, ensuring that when a new version is released, it is as rock solid and stable as possible. Debian also boasts that it is a truly free distribution, in the sense that it only uses Open Source software.