Our services

NRC Systems offers a wide range of information technology services. From once off technical support to day-to-day running of a complex computer network. Our technicians are skilled in a wide variety of areas, meaning we can find the expertise to tackle almost any computer problem.

General IT support

Our primary business focus is on general IT support. Customers use our online helpdesk, or phone in, requests, and we action them. There is no minimum usage, or contracts required to use our services. You can ring us up, and we'll come in and help.

We support almost all types of PC based systems, including all versions of Microsoft Windows, and Linux. We have limited support for Mac based systems, but we can recommend and work together with other Mac based support companies.

Network specialists

Network specialists

We have network and communication specialists who can advise you on best methods and practices for network communications, Internet connectivity, Virtual Private Networks, and Wide Area Networks.

We can recommend upgrade paths to increase reliability and functionality of existing networks, and we can design new networks from scratch.

If you have multiple offices, or staff that would like to be able to work from the road, or at home, you should contact us and find out what solution is best for your environment.

Computer sales

As part of our customer services, we offer computer and computer system sales for our customers. We can put together a quote for a new PC system, order it in, and install it for you.

Whilst NRC Systems supports all major brands of PC hardware, we highly recommend the Arche Technologies computer systems. Arche systems have extensive warehouse and technical facilities on the North Shore. All Arche PC systems come with a 3 year return to base warranty. There are additional on-site warranties available on request.

Custom development

NRC Systems has a wide range of skills in developing in-house and publically accesable database and information systems. We have specialists in Microsoft Access, SQL, and LAMP based solutions. Our database developers can create a specialist database for your team to enhance productivity, increase sales, and decrease operating costs.


Payment is usually received on delivery, otherwise payment by the 20th of the month following installation. In addition, for regular customers only, NRC provides a 3 month easy payment schedule at no extra charge. All other accounts to be settled within one month.

The exact terms of trade are available from us upon enquiry.